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The club is managed by a committee, elected for the year, comprising the following. (Club officer responsibilities are summarised below.) Guests: to find out about attending a meeting, contact VP Education or VP Membership.


Club Officer Name e-mail address Phone number
President Geoff London  0832802456
Vice President Education Abigail Muchinenyika  0722818019
Vice President Membership Linda  0832704128
Vice President PR Michael Muchinenyka 0637045018
Treasurer Roy Pickerill  0725189428
Sergeant-at-Arms Sheldon  072 518 9428
Secretary Geoff London  083 280 2456
Immediate Past President Roger Major  076 175 7672


In addition, the Club also has a
Club Parliamentarian (advises club) Geoff London 083 280 2456


A very brief summary of club officer responsibilities (and that of the Parliamentarian) is as follows:

  • President: leads the committee, controls meetings and represents the club at divisional and district meetings
  • Vice President Education: prepares meeting programs, supports members’ growth, 2-i-c to President
  • Vice President Membership: drives membership growth and retention, encourages guests to join
  • Vice President Public Relations: publicises the club, runs PR programs, newsletter/ internet news, etc.
  • Treasurer: handles club finances, including meal costs, subscriptions, joining fees
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: prepares meeting venue, arranges equipment needed, calls meeting to order
  • Secretary: maintains minutes of meetings, handles club correspondence
  • Immediate Past President: using experience, advises and counsels President and committee
  • Club Parliamentarian: provides instruction and guidance in the use of parliamentary procedure (throughout the meeting but especially during the business session).

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