Have Fun... Using Humour

MEETING ARE FUN! The use of humour is encouraged. Everyone can normally apply at least one type of humour in their speeches. So much so that the Table Bay club hosts each year the ...
Humour HopAbout Competition

This is really a FUN evening for all the clubs in Divisions D and R (Western Cape) where contestants from the clubs try to outdo each other with humorous speeches. The rules are not as rigid as the usual humorous speech contests, with the emphasis on fun. The agenda typically omits many of the usual Toastmaster assignments. If you like to laugh and witness humour at its best, definitely attend this meeting. Guests welcome.

Tips on using humour in speeches
  1. Use humour to get or keep the audience' attention but only when the audience is ready for it.
  2. Find the style that suits you best, e.g. stories, dead-pan, one-liners, exaggeration, understatement, etc.
  3. Always keep it relevant, e.g. adapt jokes and stories to fit the flow of a speech.
  4. If nobody laughs at your story or joke, don't worry - move on.
  5. If nobody laughs or even smiles at ANY of your jokes, work on your delivery or content or try another style.
  6. Build up a library of jokes and funny stories from which you can source one or two for speeches.
  7. Toastmasters is an ideal venue to experiment with different types of humour and delivery, etc. Try it.
  8. Use humour whenever it suits the speaker, the audience and the occasion - and will not give offence.
  9. Humour is not essential to good speaking, but it can give your speeches new interest and sparkle.

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